Custom shirts and apparel printed in Pittsburgh, PA

Steel City Clothing Company

Steel City Clothing® Company was founded upon an idea, hard work and pursuit of a dream. So let me share with you what Steel City Clothing® Company is and how it started.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a city of blue collared, hard-working people that don’t give up when faced with adversity. Pittsburgh prospered during the steel boom. Throughout the years, Pittsburgh has continued to thrive with our ground breaking medical research, innovative technology and hard work ethic. Pittsburgh thrives on the blood, sweat and tears of the working class: the blue collars, the underdogs, and most importantly, the people.

Steel City Clothing® Company started out as an idea like Andrew Carnegie’s, George Kauffman’s, Andrew Mellon’s, and so many more. This city is built on the underdog’s will to succeed. This city, is a city of champions. That’s why we chose to name our company after the hardest working city we know and call home.

Everyday we strive to continue to grow Steel City Clothing® Company into a household name in the city of Pittsburgh. We will relentlessly work to build this company upon the core values instilled into the people of Pittsburgh.

Most importantly, we would like to thank every business, organization and person that supports our small business. We wouldn’t be able to continue to build this idea or chase this dream without the support and love from all of yinz.